How to make the best Greek Salad

VIDEORECIPE How to make the best Greek Salad

If you want to feel and look beautiful, the bottom line is to eat something healthy. Traditional Greek salad dressing is regarded as an integral component of a healthier lifestyle.

17+ Simple Dinner Salad Recipes You'll Actually Want to Eat!

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17+ Simple Dinner Salad Recipes You'll Actually Want to Eat!


number of servings
  • 1 romaine lettuce Added to
  • medium red onion Added to
  • paprika Added to
  • 1 Cup cherry tomato Added to
  • 1 sliced cucumber Avocado Added to
  • cup olives Added to
  • 4 oz feta Added to
  • Greek Dressing Ingredients Added to
  • 3 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice Added to
  • 1 clove garlic Added to
  • tsp sea salt Added to
  • tsp black pepper Added to


10 min.
1. Step

Go and get a bowl. Firstly, we will cut all the vegetables. Let's get started with lettuce. Cut the romaine in half, remove the core, and then cut into chunks. Rinse them and add them to the bowl.

2. Step

Now, cut the cucumber into slices.

3. Step

Add halved sliced tomatoes to the bowl.

4. Step

Next, cut striped slices of bell pepper.

5. Step

Now add the sliced red onion.

6. Step

Remove the peel from an avocado, pit it and then slice it into small pieces. Add it with other veggies.

7. Step

Cut the olives into tiny slices and put them in the bowl.

8. Step

Knifed the feta cheese into small cubes and placed it over the Salad.

9. Step

Now it's time to prepare Greek dressing; add lemon juice and olive oil to a jar.

10. Step

Add a pressed garlic clove to it.

11. Step

Must add salt and pepper to the liquid and mix it well.

12. Step

Pour the dressing over the Salad thoroughly.

13. Step

Add some oregano for extra seasoning.

14. Step

Now mix it all very well. Your Salad is ready.

15. Step

It's time to kick your hunger out and have this fresh and classic Greek salad.

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