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Discover some tasty recipes from the category cakes. We have a great collection of 172 recipes to diversify your menu! The preparation time is 2 - 600 minutes, depending on the complexity of the recipe. If we’re talking about good recipes, then these favorites come to mind - The best homemade potato latkes recipe, The best vanilla cupcakes you'll love, Easy cheesecake recipe, How to make a spinach and goat cheese quiche without pastry?. Will you try one out?

Amazing Checkerboard Chocolate & Vanilla Cake

Checkerboard Cake is an interesting and visually appealing dessert. This vanilla and chocolate cake is assembled in a special checkerboard pattern that's sure to impress at any gathering. Not only does it look incredible, but its rich flavor and soft texture make it equally enjoyable to eat.

Famous Easy 3 Ingredient Perfect Cake

This deliciously simple cake, made with just three ingredients, is a perfect treat for those who love desserts but are short on time. It's quick, easy, and surprisingly light, making it perfect for last-minute gatherings or just a quick and gratifying weeknight dessert.

Simple Delicious Carrot Cake From Scratch

A perfect balance of richness and lightness, this fluffy, moist carrot cake is the ultimate comfort dessert. It's packed with flavor and texture from the freshly grated carrots, walnuts, and the cream cheese icing. You don't have to be a professional baker to whip this up. It makes a delightful dessert for any kind of get-together or occasion.

LadyBug Birthday Chocolate Vanilla Cake

This ravishing LadyBug Cake is a stunner that will add more charm to any kid's party or get together. This red and black-spotted delicacy is not just a treat to the eyes but satisfies your sweet tooth too. Infused with flavors of chocolate and vanilla, this cake is frosted with beautifully colored vanilla buttercream, rendering an aesthetic look to it.

Delicious Simple Moist Sponge Cake Recipe

This recipe will walk you through the steps of making a simple yet fluffy and moist sponge cake. This sponge cake serves as the perfect base for a variety of desserts. Add your favorite fillings like cream, fresh fruit, or preserve and enjoy it with your coffee or tea. It's light, fluffy, and sweet enough to satisfy any dessert cravings you may have!

Simple Golden Gaytime Ice Cream Cake

Delve into this luscious twist on the classic Aussie ice cream treat. The Golden Gaytime Cake, ensconced with honeycomb biscuits, is an impeccable blend of vanilla and chocolate sponges frosted with caramel buttercream. This crowd-pleasing dessert promises a fun and golden time at the end of your meal.

Homemade Strawberry Cream Sponge Cake From Scratch

Indulge yourself in a sweet delight by trying this delectable Strawberry Sponge Cake! Prepare a scrumptious homemade sponge cake, layered with soft and creamy whipped cream and topped with sweet, fresh strawberries. The cake is moist, fluffy, and whipped cream, partnered with the juicy strawberries create a perfect balance of flavors. This Strawberry Sponge Cake is great for birthday parties, celebrations, or an everyday dessert treat!

Gorgeous Ginger Spiced Fluff Sponge Cake

This Ginger Fluff Sponge Cake is a delightful treat with a rich, spicy, and fragrant aroma of ginger. It's light, fluffy and forms a brilliantly tender crumbed center with a velvety cream filling. This cake is great for festivities or an everyday dessert straight from the oven.

How to make Chocolate Truck Birthday Cake

Such an ideal cake for any kid’s party especially for kids who love vehicles more than anything. This truck cake recipe will yield a large, moist chocolate cake that is shaped like a truck. It is a fun and creative idea for any age, but especially great for truck-loving children on their birthday!

How to make Best Caterpillar Birthday Cake

The caterpillar cake is a fun, delicious, and adorable cake, perfect for kids' parties or themed events. This delightful cake not only brings joy to children but also pleases adults with its moist and chocolaty taste. It’s simple to prepare, and the exciting part is decorating it to make it look like a cute little caterpillar.

Ultimate Tim Tam Chocolate Layer Cake

Love Tim Tams? Then you will be on cloud nine with our Tim Tam Cake! It's a chocolate cake with Tim Tam-infused buttercream icing, with a generous topping of crushed Tim Tam biscuits - a delightful treat that is sure to impress any Tim Tam lover.

Classic Passionfruit Filling & Icing Sponge Cake

Experience the tropical tang of passionfruit in this delicate and light sponge cake. This recipe creates a wonderfully fluffy and moist sponge filled and topped with a delightfully sweet passionfruit sauce. Perfect for afternoon tea or any special occasion, this passionfruit sponge cake is sure to delight your taste buds.

Best M&M Vanilla Ice Cream Chocolate Cake

A tempting, colorful treat for kids and adults alike, this M&M Ice Cream Cake combines everyone's favorite chocolate candies with smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream, all on a classic chocolate biscuit base. Perfect for birthdays, gatherings, or just as a summer dessert, it certainly brings a festive and fun touch to any occasion.

Easy M&M Candy Chocolate Cake

Delight your palate with this colorful and lusciously sweet M&M Candy Cake. It's a fun and festive dessert that children and adults alike will surely love. Perfect for birthday celebrations, parties or simply when you're in the mood for something vibrant, and satisfyingly sweet!

Lion King Birthday Cake

Meet the King of Cakes, the Lion Cake. This creative cake will roar with fun at any birthday celebration or kids' party. Decorated with delicious buttercream frosting, it can double as a center-piece and dessert. Kickstart your journey in the wild savannah with this fantastic, delicious, and delightful Lion Cake.