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Have a look at these recipes! These are our recipes from the category Quick meals – suitable for various occasions. We have a great collection of 689 recipes to diversify your menu! These recipes will take about 4 - 720 minutes to prepare. In addition to the ingredients and procedure, each recipe includes an approximate preparation time and number of portions. See our favorite recipes here - The best ever carbonara recipe, Easy Chickpea Salad with Lemon and Dill, Creamy Chicken Pasta of your Dreams!, Healthy and delicious pasta salad - made for lovers of good food. Enjoy your meal!

Simple Homemade Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

This easy macaroni and cheese recipe is a classic comfort food that is perfect for any occasion. It’s a quick and simple cheese sauce made with milk, butter, and cheese with elbow macaron pasta. The result is creamy and delicious, and perfect for those who love a warm and hearty dish.

Easy Yellow Rice

Yellow Rice is a delicious and vibrant side dish that is perfect for a variety of meals. This recipe calls for fragrant spices like turmeric and cumin, which give the rice its beautiful yellow hue and bold, warm flavor. This dish easy to make and can be ready in just 20 minutes.

Australian Yo-Yo Biscuits

Yo Yo Biscuits are a childhood favorite for many Australians. These biscuits are buttery and tender and sandwiched together with creamy buttercream icing. They are perfect for afternoon tea or as a snack with a cup of coffee.

Crispy Corned Beef Fritters

These delicious corned beef fritters are perfect for breakfast They are easy to make and can be served with your favorite dipping sauce.

Simple Cream of Mushroom Soup

This creamy and hearty soup is a comforting and satisfying dish that is perfect for a cozy meal. Made with mushrooms and cream, this is bursting with flavors and nutrients. It is easy to prepare and perfect for a chilly evening or a quick lunch.

Best Dhal Lentil Soup Recipe

Dhal is a traditional Indian lentil soup that is packed with flavor and nutrients. This delicious and hearty dish is perfect for a warm and comforting meal. Made with a variety of spices and lentils, this dhal recipe is easy to be enjoyed by everyone.

How to make Easy Pancakes

This recipe is perfect for those who love pancakes but don't have the time or ingredients to make them from scratch. It uses simple pre-made pancake mix that can be found in most grocery stores. With just a few additional ingredients, you can whip up delicious pancakes in no time.

TikTok Feta Pasta with Tomatoes

Feta pasta has taken the internet by storm, and for good reason! It's a quick, easy and delicious meal that is perfect for any weeknight dinner. The creamy feta cheese pairs perfectly with the tangy tomatoes, resulting a flavor explosion that will you coming back.

Crispy Homemade Fish Fingers

This crunchy and delicious fish finger recipe is perfect for a quick and easy meal or snack. Tender and juicy fish is coated and fried until golden. Serve them with homemade tartar sauce or ketchup for a tasty and satisfying meal.

Best Cheese Toast

This Cheese Toast is a simple and tasty snack that can be prepared in no time. The melted cheese on top of the toasted bread creates a delicious combination that will surely satisfy your cravings.

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream is a classic New Zealand flavor featuring vanilla ice cream with crunchy candy swirled in. It's the perfect treat for a hot summer day or any time you're craving something sweet and satisfying!

Homemade Chicken & Vegetable Soup

This flavorful chicken and vegetable soup is perfect for cold days. It will give you all the nutrients you to stay healthy. Serve it with crusty bread to enjoy a warm and comforting meal.

Creamy Chicken Casserole in Slow Cooker

This slow-cooker chicken casserole dish is super delicious. Packed with flavor from the chicken, vegetables, and sauce, it's the perfect meal for busy week meals.

Chicken Satay Stir Fry

This is a delicious and easy stir-fry recipe that combines tender chicken, crisp vegetables, and a rich satay sauce. It's perfect for a quick and satisfying weeknight dinner.

Traditional Mexican Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles are a classic Mexican breakfast dish made with fried tortilla chips and topped with a flavorful tomato cheese, and a variety of toppings. This easy recipe is to feed a crowd or to enjoy a delicious breakfast at home.