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See the most tasty recipes from the category pastry. One of these 838 recipes may become your new favorite. Are you in a hurry or do you like relaxing in the kitchen with a good recipe? The preparation time for the following recipes is 1 - 600 minutes. The time estimate is given for each recipe. See our favorite recipes here - Traditional gingerbread recipe, Aussie chocolate slice recipe, Easy no-bake red berry cheesecake recipe, How To Make Glazed Donuts - made for lovers of good food. Enjoy your meal!

Homemade Potato Bread

This recipe for potato bread is simple and easy to prepare at home.

Homemade Bread

Tasty and fragrant homemade bread that you can prepare at home.

Traditional Irish Homemade Bread without Yeast

This traditional Irish bread is easy to prepare and does not require yeast.

Yeast Whole Wheat Bread

Homemade yeast whole wheat bread. Very simple to prepare, and the end result will provide you with a homemade taste and aroma. When we bake bread ourselves, we have full control over what goes into it. Yeast bread is the basis of every kitchen.

Homemade Brioche

A simple and delicious recipe to prepare soft and tasty homemade brioche, ideal for a sweet and nutritious breakfast.

Garlic baguette

Juicy garlic baguette with a crispy crust and smooth garlic filling. Perfect as a barbecue snack, at a party or for dinner with your favorite soup.

Rye Bread from Home Bakery

Home-baked goods are always fresh and tasty. This recipe allows you to create perfectly fluffy and aromatic rye bread from home bakery right in your kitchen.

Yeast-free Bread

A simple and quick recipe for homemade bread without using yeast. Ideal for people on a gluten-free diet or for those who prefer bread without yeast.

Buckwheat Bread

Buckwheat bread is a delicious, healthy and gluten-free solution for those looking for alternatives to traditional products made from wheat flour. Perfect for breakfast or as an addition to soup.

Shortbread Biscuit

A delicious and crumbly biscuit that melts in your mouth. Perfect for tea time or as a snack.


A delicious and nutritious quiche that goes excellently with a light lunch or dinner. The combination of juicy tomatoes and crunchy zucchini results in a fantastic flavor.

Walnut Brownie

Enjoy a delicious homemade brownie with walnuts. A perfect dessert to share with friends and family.

Egg-Free Tiramisu

A classic Italian dessert adjusted for those with an egg allergy or those who prefer to avoid them. This tiramisu is rich and creamy, with all the flavor of traditional tiramisu.

Poppy Seed Snow Crescent Cookies

The poppy seed snow crescent cookie is a delicious Hungarian-style pastry, perfect as a winter treat. The poppy seed filling combined with the light, crumbly dough is an excellent choice for Christmas or New Year's celebrations, but can actually be prepared anytime you desire a special dessert. The recipe is simple, yet gives a very tasty result.

Simple Goose Foot Cake

Goose foot cake is a Hungarian dessert named after its layers cut in the shape of a goose foot. This simple recipe describes every step in detail so you can make this delicious sweet at home.