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See the most tasty recipes from the category breakfast. One of these 669 recipes may become your new favorite. You will need this much time for the following recipes 5 - 720 minutes. By clicking the recipe, you can see details about the preparation time and the number of portions. If we’re talking about good recipes, then these favorites come to mind - How to make Montecristo gourmet sandwiches?, Cheesecake Recipe Easy, Traditional gingerbread recipe, Simple homemade Lemonade Scones. Will you try one out?

Homemade Strawberry Jam

Excellent homemade strawberry jam. The preparation is simple, so anyone can make it. Ideal for baking or as an addition to breakfast.

Protein-packed Bagel

The main ingredient is quark and mozzarella😊. Quark is rich in proteins, calcium and other important nutrients. It also contains less fat and calories than some other dairy products. Mozzarella is also a healthy choice.

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

These pancakes or flatbreads can be enjoyed savory or sweet

Curd Pancakes

🥞 An intensely addictive recipe for pancakes that are not only healthier than the classic ones, they contain no sugar, have a high protein content, and win you over with their fluffiness and delicious taste. 🥞

No-Bake Carrot Cake

A carrot cake that needs no baking. Healthy, simple, and tasty.

Pancakes without sugar

Pancakes from baby food

Curd Buns

Soft as ☁️

Apple pancakes with yogurt dip

Healthy sugar-free snack suitable for kids

Mini Muffin Cheesecakes

You can prepare cheesecakes in muffin cups, so there's no need to cut anything. Plus, I'm offering a slightly lighter recipe.
Recipe preview Fluffy Strawberry Cake

Fluffy Strawberry Cake

Fragrant and fluffy strawberry cake, fresh with lemon and full of strawberry flavour. The dough is kept moist by yogurt, and of course the strawberries provide the aroma. You can certainly use other seasonal fruits, personally I really like black or red currant and also gooseberries.

Tortilla roll

A quick snack suitable even for when visitors come

Sourdough Rye Bread

This is a delicious recipe for sourdough rye bread.

Blueberry smoothie bowl

Preparation step 0: Blend everything together and it's done

Banana Termix

You can prepare a termix for children at home, too.

The Best Yeasted Dough!

Like a cobweb 🤌🏼 Perfect for buns/pizza snails/cinnamon nests...