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Discover some tasty recipes from the category soups and broths. One of these 177 recipes may become your new favorite. These recipes will take about 5 - 600 minutes to prepare. In addition to the ingredients and procedure, each recipe includes an approximate preparation time and number of portions. If you can’t make up your mind, then we recommend these favorite and very popular recipes - The most delicious mushroom soup recipe, Homemade Creamy Leek and Potato Soup, The Best Lentil Soup Recipe, Potato bacon and leek soup recipe.

Delicious Turmeric Yogurt Kadhi Recipe

Kadhi is a mouth-watering, yogurt-based Indian dish, common in Northern and Western regions of India. It consists of a thick, tangy gravy made from yogurt and chickpea flour (also known as besan), traditionally served with pakoras or rice.

Authentic Traditional Italian Wedding Meatball Soup

Italian Wedding Soup, also known as ‘Minestra Maritata,' is a warm and hearty traditional Italian soup perfect for cold weather or any time you need a feel-good recipe. It combines well-seasoned beef meatballs and pasta in a deliciously seasoned chicken broth with spinach, lending it a perfect marriage of flavors, hence the name 'wedding soup'.

Brazilian Fish Prawn Seafood Stew Moqueca

Moqueca is a traditional Brazilian seafood dish that's bursting with flavor. Fresh fish fillets and shrimp are simmered in a sauce made with diced tomatoes, peppers, onions, and coconut milk, seasoned with palm oil and fresh cilantro. This hearty and vibrant recipe brings a taste of Brazil to your table.

Easy Vegan Tofu and Vegetable Curry

Tofu and Vegetable Curry is a delectable, vegan dish filled with an array of veggies and tofu. This flavorful curry is coated in rich coconut curry sauce that compliments the crunchy vegetables and soft tofu perfectly. It's a great meal option for anyone wanting to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal.

Homemade Vegan Korean Silken Tofu Soup

This comforting, aromatic Silken Tofu Soup is a traditional Asian soup that features velvety silken tofu, flavored with ginger, garlic, and soy sauce. It's ideal for a quick wholesome dinner or a refreshing lunch that's vegan friendly, cholesterol-free, and amazingly nutritious.

Moong Daal Split Yellow Lentil stew

Moong Daal, also known as Split Yellow Lentil stew, is a staple dish in various regions of India. It is a healthy and comforting dish that is rich in proteins and highly nutritious. This creamy, flavorful, and aromatic soup is usually paired with rice or Indian bread (Roti) and is simple yet satisfying, making it an ideal meal for lunch or dinner.

Traditional Filipino Sinigang Sour Pork Soup

Sinigang is a traditional Filipino soup known for its sour and savoury taste typically associated with tamarind (sampalok). It's hearty, comforting, and perfect for any meals. It's also flexible, you can choose between pork, beef, shrimp, or fish as your main protein.

Authentic Tuscan Bread Soup Ribollita

Ribollita, translating to \reboiled\ in English, is a hearty Tuscan soup made from bread and vegetables. There are many variations of this dish, with ingredients can include leftover bread, cannellini beans, kale, cabbage, and other vegetables. Ribollita is particularly perfect for cold winter nights and is typically served with a drizzle of olive oil and black pepper.

Easy Authentic Chinese Egg Drop Soup

Egg Drop Soup is a comfort food that originates from China. It features a robustly flavored chicken broth emboldened with silky beaten eggs. The dish is quick to prepare, light, and is perfect for both ordinary days and holidays.

Easy Authentic Green Thai Curry Recipe

Indulge the vibrant flavors of Thailand with this mouthwatering Green Curry.

How to make the Best Authentic Green Thai Curry

Green Thai Curry is a delicious and fragrant dish that combines the flavors of coconut milk, green curry paste, and fresh vegetables. This Thai recipe is easy to prepare, making it a perfect choice for a weeknight dinner.

Authentic Thai Green Chicken Curry Recipe

Green Chicken Curry is a delicious and fragrant Thai dish that combines tender chicken with a flavorful green curry sauce made from a blend of fresh herbs and spices. This curry is creamy, tangy, and slightly spicy, making it the perfect comfort food to enjoy with steamed rice or noodles.

Easy Savoury Curried Mince

A flavorful and aromatic curry dish made with minced meat, spices, and vegetables. This easy-to-make recipe is perfect for a quick meal.

Authentic Indian Vegan Curries with Coconut Milk

Indulge in the vibrant flavors of these vegan curries, packed with hearty vegetables and aromatic spices. This recipe offers a delightful balance of textures and will satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. Perfect for a quick and satisfying meal any day of the week!

Homemade Grandma's Beef Stew Recipe

A comforting stew recipe that is perfect for cold winter. This stew is packed with tender beef, vegetables and rich spices that will warm you up the inside out.

Simple Slow Cooked Chilli Con Carne

Slow Cooked Chilli Con Carne is a flavorful and hearty meal, perfect for looking to create a delicious and effortless meal using a slow cooker.