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Are you looking for a recipe suggestion from the category meals with meat? You have come to the right place! Check out one of our great 1574 recipes. These recipes will take about 5 - 4320 minutes to prepare. In addition to the ingredients and procedure, each recipe includes an approximate preparation time and number of portions. If you need help choosing, we recommend How to make Montecristo gourmet sandwiches?, The Best Devilled Sausages, Baked lamb chops easy recipe, The best Chicken japanese curry recipe. They are among our most sought-after and popular recipes. We’re sure you’ll love it!

Scottish Egg

A traditional British recipe that is a popular dish all over the world. It is made from boiled eggs wrapped in a meat dough.

Roasted Duck with Cabbage

A tasty recipe for roasted duck, served with cabbage and dumplings.

Pizza Rolls

Pizza rolls are a tasty and quick alternative to traditional pizza. They are an ideal choice for parties, lunch, or dinner.

Quick Chicken Breast Spaghetti Sauce

Much better than store bought..

Sauteed Chicken Breasts

A recipe for quick and tasty chicken saute with curry seasoning.

Roasted Smoked Pork Neck

A recipe for roasted smoked pork neck, which I roast in foil, thus it stays juicy.

Potato Dumplings Stuffed with Smoked Meat

I regularly cook potato dumplings stuffed with smoked meat on the weekends when we are at the cottage.

Baked Chicken Breast with Cheese

Baked chicken breast with cheese is easy to prepare.

Beef sirloin in cream

Beef sirloin in cream is an excellent main course that should not be missing in any good kitchen.

Pasta with Sausage

Quick pasta with sausage recipe, loved especially by children.

Stuffed Savory Pancakes

Delicious and hearty stuffed savory pancakes are a great choice for a quick lunch or dinner.

Spinach Omelette

Spinach omelette is a healthy and nutritious meal for example for breakfast.

Roasted Chicken in the Oven

Recipe for a simple roasted chicken in the oven.

Chicken with Pasta and Cheese Sauce

Chicken with pasta and cheese sauce is a delicious and simple meal that anyone can prepare.

Chicken in Honey

This is a simple recipe for amazing grilled chicken, which is marinated in a honey marinade. This unique combination creates delicious, tender and juicy chicken that is wonderful on the grill.