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VIDEORECIPE Homemade Christmas brownies recipe

60 min

This easy recipe teaches how to make the best homemade Christmas brownies. Don't miss it!

60 min


number of servings
  • 150 g chocolate Added to
  • 150 g butter Added to
  • 2 eggs Added to
  • 270 ml cream Added to
  • 100 g sugar Added to
  • 70 g fine flour Added to
  • strawberries Added to
  • vanilla essence Added to
  • 1 tsp cinnamon Added to


1. Step

In a saucepan place chocolate and butter over medium heat to melt. Stir constantly. Then remove from heat and let cool.

2. Step

In a bowl add the eggs and 120 ml cream. Whisk very well. Add a dash of vanilla and continue beating.

3. Step

In another bowl add sifted flour, sugar and cinnamon. Stir very well.

4. Step

In the bowl where you put the egg and whipping cream add the dry ingredients and also add the chocolate and melted butter. Beat very well until you have a homogeneous mixture.

5. Step

Grease a greased baking dish with butter and pour the mixture into it. Bake for 25 minutes in a preheated oven at 160°C.

6. Step

In a bowl put 150 ml of cream and whip it very well, once it has thickened add icing sugar to sweeten it. Then, put it in the fridge.

7. Step

On a plate, unmould the brownie and with the help of a circular cutter cut the brownie and put the circles in a separate plate.

8. Step

Place the whipping cream in a piping bag. Then put the whipped cream on top of the brownie.

9. Step

With the previously washed and disinfected strawberries, cut off the stalk to make them even. On top of the whipped cream and the brownie put the strawberry on top of the brownie to make a Christmas hat.

10. Step

On the tip of the strawberry put a dot of cream to simulate a Christmas hat. Enjoy.

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