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Best recipe ideas from the category eggs all in one place! We have a great collection of 1593 recipes to diversify your menu! The preparation time is 1 - 4320 minutes, depending on the complexity of the recipe. See our favorite recipes here - The best Creamy Potato Salad Recipe, The best ever carbonara recipe, The best homemade potato latkes recipe, How to make Montecristo gourmet sandwiches? - made for lovers of good food. Enjoy your meal!

Cherry Pie with Pudding

This delicious cherry pie with pudding is the ideal choice for people who love sweet desserts. It's delicate, tasty, and easy to prepare. The combination of fresh cherries and creamy pudding filling will definitely delight your taste buds.

Meatballs from Ground Meat

Excellent and easy meatballs that are perfect as a side dish to various meals or a simple standalone meal.

Simple Chocolate Cake

This simple chocolate cake is suitable for sitting with friends or for coffee and tea.

American Pancakes

Traditional American pancakes are easy to prepare sweet pancakes, which we can serve with favorite additions. They are great for breakfast or brunch.

Egg Whites Omelette

Light and filling egg whites omelette, perfect for a healthy breakfast. You can add variety to the taste with fresh herbs or feta cheese.

Scrambled eggs with avocado

Healthy and nutritious scrambled eggs with avocado is a great way to have a filling, healthy meal. It's perfect for breakfast or a light lunch. You only need a few ingredients to make this delicious dish. Keep reading to find out how to make it step by step.

Cocoa Muffins

Cocoa muffins are delicious cupcakes based on cocoa. They are perfect for holidays, birthday parties, or as a delicious dessert after dinner. They are simple and quick to prepare.

Meatballs with Cheese

Meatballs with cheese, perfect for a quick lunch or dinner.

Mackerel spread

A simple and tasty mackerel spread for bread. Perfect for breakfast or as an addition to crispy toasts at a party.

Sauerkraut Pancakes

A simple and delicious recipe for sauerkraut pancakes. This is a perfect proposition for dinner or supper. The taste of sauerkraut gives these pancakes a unique character, which will surely appeal to both adults and children.

Cheese Pancakes

Tasty and quick cheese pancakes, perfect for breakfast or as a light dinner. This recipe is very simple and you can easily manage it too.

Creamy Artichoke Risotto

The artichoke risotto is a rich and tasty first course, suitable to prepare in the winter months when artichokes are in season. This creamy version is made with good parmesan and a handful of chopped nuts.

Butterless Orange Cake

A delicious butterless orange cake, light and fresh, perfect to enjoy for breakfast or during relaxing moments. This recipe doesn't require butter, making it a lighter but still tasty option.

Artichoke Soup

A healthy and tasty artichoke soup, perfect as an appetizer or a light dinner dish.

Oat Flour Waffles

A simple but great recipe that allows you to prepare oat flour waffles at home. Crispy, golden brown waffles, filled with healthy oatmeal - perfect for breakfast or a snack.

Yogurt cake with apples

Yogurt cake with apples, which goes well with a cup of coffee or tea.