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VIDEORECIPE Easy homemade Christmas fruit cake recipe

This easy recipe teaches how to make the best homemade Christmas fruit cake. Don't miss it.



number of servings
  • 2 cups Wheat flour Added to
  • 3 egg Added to
  • 160 g butter Added to
  • 1 Cup sugar Added to
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda Added to
  • 14 Cup milk Added to
  • 1 spoon orange essence Added to
  • orange zest Added to
  • 180 g candied fruit Added to
  • Cherries in syrup Added to


60 min.
1. Step

Sift the flour and mix with the baking powder, set aside.

2. Step

Place all the candied fruit, cherries and sultanas in a bowl. Set aside some for the final decoration.

3. Step

Add a few spoonfuls of wheat flour to the bowl and wrap so that the fruit is covered in flour. Set aside.

4. Step

Place the eggs, melted butter and sugar in a bowl and mix well with a whisk.

5. Step

Now add the flour alternating with the milk and mixing constantly.

6. Step

Add the orange essence and orange zest and continue mixing.

7. Step

Strain the excess flour from the fruit and add it to the dough and mix carefully, place the dough in the mould, smooth the surface and beat a little to remove any air bubbles it may have.

8. Step

Bake in the oven at 180ºc for 30 minutes. Then, remove from the mould and leave to cool.

9. Step

Place the sugar in a bowl and add the milk spoonful by spoonful and mix until it is thick enough.

10. Step

Start pouring it over the fruit cake and finish by decorating with the candied fruit that we had set aside, leave it to cool and that's it.

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