The best ever carbonara recipe

10 min

A simple dish of hot pasta into which other ingredients have been mixed —often used as a postpositive modifier spaghetti carbonara.

10 min


number of servings
  • 125 g pasta Added to
  • 30 g frozen peas Added to
  • 80 g Streaky Bacon or Pancetta Added to
  • 2 egg yolks Added to
  • 1 tbl creme fraiche Added to
  • 2 Mushrooms: Sliced Added to
  • 1 Chili Minced Added to
  • olive oil Added to
  • 2 Garlic Gloves Thinly Sliced Added to
  • Grana Padano or Parmesan Cheese Added to
  • 2 EL parsley Added to
  • salt and pepper Added to


1. Step

Get pot of water boiling and add pasta:

2. Step

Head a non-stick pan to medium high heat, add tablespoon of olive oil then bacon when oil is hot. Add a little pepper for taste. Add garlic after about 2 minutes of cooking and then mushroom and chili. Cook till bacon is crispy and color on mushroom. Add salt to taste

3. Step

Grate about 1/3 Cup (40G) of Grana Padano over egg yolks. Then add Crème Fraîche and mix. Add teaspoon cold water to mixture to make sure it's at a liquid consistency.

4. Step

Add peas as bacon mixture is almost finished cooking. As the the mixture is starting to finish add about 3 tablespoons of pasta water.

5. Step

Once pasta is finished, saving some pasta water for sauce, season pasta and then add to bacon mixture and toss. Then add egg mixture after about 30 seconds, turn gas down and mix till cooked. Add parsley at end and plate.

6. Step

Top with more cheese if desired.

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