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Are you looking for a recipe suggestion from the category Parmesan? You have come to the right place! Check out one of our great 347 recipes. The preparation time is 5 - 360 minutes, depending on the complexity of the recipe. If you can’t make up your mind, then we recommend these favorite and very popular recipes - The best ever carbonara recipe, Easiest Lasagna Ever, Creamy Chicken Pasta of your Dreams!, Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta.

Pasta with Bear's Garlic Pesto

This is a simple recipe for pasta with bear's garlic pesto, which is ideal in spring, when bear's garlic is in season.

Pasta with Egg

Enjoy this simple and quick recipe for pasta with egg.

Spaghetti Carbonara Without Eggs

This recipe is a great solution for those who want to enjoy traditional carbonara, but do not want or cannot consume eggs.

Pasta with Bear's Garlic

A recipe for quick pasta with bear's garlic, which you can prepare in a short time.

Bear's Garlic Pesto

An excellent homemade pesto that is simple and quick to prepare.

Chicken Lasagna

Traditional lasagna, but instead of ground meat, it contains chicken pieces.

Baked pasta with broccoli and chicken

Baked pasta with broccoli and chicken is a great choice for a family lunch or dinner. The broccoli gives the dish a fresh taste, while the chicken ensures that it is nutritious and filling.

Creamy Risotto with Vegetables

A recipe for a perfect creamy risotto, which you will prepare with vegetables and parmesan.

Broccoli Meatballs

A delicious vegetarian option, these broccoli meatballs are nutritious and delightful. Easy to make, they are perfect for a quick lunch or a light dinner.

Artichoke Risotto

A rich Italian dish, perfect for a warm and cozy dinner. The delicate taste of artichokes perfectly combines with the creamy rice, creating a simple but delicious dish.

Risotto with Chicken

Recipe for risotto with chicken, suitable as a quick lunch or dinner during the working week.

Zucchini Spaghetti with Garlic and Parmesan

This simple and delicious recipe combines zucchini spaghetti, also known as zoodles, with the rich flavors of garlic and parmesan. This dish is light, healthy, and perfect for a quick, vegetarian meal.

Gluten-Free Croquettes

Try homemade gluten-free croquettes, so delicious and crunchy that you won't notice the difference. Excellent option for people with gluten intolerance or for those looking for healthier alternatives.

Pasta with Brussels Sprouts

A hearty and healthy pasta with Brussels sprouts and Parmesan cheese. This dish is easy to prepare and perfect for a quick lunch or dinner.

Four-cheese Pizza

A classic from Italian cuisine, the four-cheese pizza with four types of delicious cheese. Its crunchy dough and the melted cheeses form a harmonious unity.

Tasty Christmas mashed potatoes

Christmas mashed potatoes are a classic must-have at the dinner table this time of year. Its creamy texture and delicious flavor make it a perfect accompaniment to any main dish. Here I share with you my special recipe, which I have perfected after years of experience and which always delights the whole family. The touch of nutmeg and Parmesan cheese gives it a particular taste that will transport you to Christmas in every bite.