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VIDEORECIPE Authentic Slovak cabbage soup recipe

180 min

This easy recipe teaches how to make the best homemade Slovak cabbage soup. Don't miss it!

180 min


number of servings
  • 300 g smoked meat Added to
  • 300 g sour cabbage Added to
  • 200 g spicy pepper sausage Added to
  • 150 g well cured bacon Added to
  • 10 g lard Added to
  • 10 g dried mushrooms Added to
  • 1 onion Added to
  • 1 tablespoon plain flour Added to
  • salt Added to
  • pepper Added to
  • 2 bay presses Added to


1. Step

Place the meat in slightly salted water, cook until soft, remove and after it has cooled down, cut it into pieces. Keep the broth.

2. Step

Sauerkraut, if it is very sour, rinse it with water and cut it into shorter pieces. Pour it into a pot, add pre-soaked dried mushrooms, and bay leaves and cook in a small amount of water until almost soft.

3. Step

Cut the bacon into small pieces and let it partially melt in the pan. Add the finely chopped onion, fry until translucent, sprinkle with a spoonful of flour and fry the light broth while stirring constantly.

4. Step

When the cabbage is almost soft, add the broth from the smoked meat and a little ground pepper. Mix the prepared broth with a little water and thicken the cabbage with the broth.

5. Step

Cut the sausage into rounds, briefly fry it in lard and then scrape everything into the soup with a spatula.

6. Step

On a moderate heat input, let the soup cook slowly for about 20 to 30 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the cabbage is completely soft.

7. Step

Finally, add the chopped smoked meat to the soup. Taste the finished soup and, if necessary, add salt and spices.

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