Chocolate Rice Krispies Ice Cream Cake

Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate: These three colors are nostalgic for many of us, reminding us of the hot summers and ice cream parties of childhood. This cake is easy to make and shows off your creativity in the kitchen with the three different layers — cereal, ice cream, and whipped cream. You don’t even have to turn on the oven. The combination of soft ice cream and crunchy puffed rice will offer a great textual contrast. Plus, it’s just fun.



number of servings
  • 14 Cup butter Added to
  • 5 ounce marshmallows Added to
  • 6 ounce semi sweet chocolate chips Added to
  • 3 Cup rice krispies Added to
  • 15 quart of your favorite ice cream Added to
  • 1 pint whipped cream Added to
  • shaved chocolate Added to


300 min.
1. Step

Thoroughly butter a 9-inch spring form pan. Then put the pan into the freezer while you are doing Step 2.

2. Step

Microwave butter, marshmallows, and chocolate chips on high for – 3 minutes, pausing to stir the mixture every 1 minute. In a large bowl, add add the melted ingredients into the rice krispies. Mix well.

3. Step

Add the chocolate Rice Krispies mixture into the spring form pan and flatten it into a layer with a spatula. This will serve as the cake’s crust.

4. Step

Scoop several scoops of ice cream (about 9 scoops) into the spring form pan (on top of the layer of chocolate Rice Krispies crust that you just created) and flatten it out with a spatula as well.

5. Step

Whisk whipped cream into soft peaks then add a layer onto the top of the cake (just above the layer of ice cream).

6. Step

Put the whole pan in the freezer for 3 – 4 hours before++ enjoying. (Optional) Before serving, add shaved chocolate on top of the cake.

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