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Discover some tasty recipes from the category Coconut cake. Try one of these 26 recipes. You will need this much time for the following recipes 5 - 420 minutes. By clicking the recipe, you can see details about the preparation time and the number of portions. See our favorite recipes here - Easy homemade coconut ladoo, Easy coconut snowballs with pineapple recipe, Easy homemade coconut balls recipe, Easy Protein Coconut Bliss Balls - made for lovers of good food. Enjoy your meal!

No-bake Coconut Squares with Blueberry Layer

This was a blast. No-bake, with a generous dose of coconut, complemented by a fresh fruit layer and chocolate icing.

Super Coconut Cake

Coconut lovers, a recipe for you. A vegan recipe with a proper dose of coconut

Chocolate cake with coconut

This cake is the perfect choice for lovers of chocolate and coconut.

Flourless Coconut Cake

Recipe for a flourless coconut cake, suitable for people with coeliac disease.

Cream of Coconut

This sweet, creamy, exotic dish can be used as a dessert or a topping for your favourite treats. It is also an excellent base for a plethora of Caribbean-inspired cocktails.

Coconut cake from the tray

This delicious coconut cake from the tray is one of my favorite recipes for special occasions. With its fluffy pastry and sweet coconut crust, it always goes down well with my guests. I have often made it for birthday parties and family celebrations and it has always been a great success.

Healthy coconut balls

These healthy coconut balls are one of my favorite recipes when I want to make a quick and nutritious treat. They are perfect for breakfast or as a healthy sweet snack during the day. They are simple to prepare and require no special culinary knowledge.

Homemade Fluffy Coconut Cream Whipped

This delightful creation has been a staple in my kitchen and a crowd favorite during gatherings.

No Bake Healthy Chocolate Coconut Balls

The recipe is not just simple but can be prepared in no time, making it my go-to for unexpected guests and sudden sweet cravings.

Coconut cake with bergère

This coconut cake in a mug is simply amazing! The sweet, tropical flavour can be felt in every slice, making it the perfect dessert. I have been making this cake for months now, my family and friends are always impressed. The combination of soft dough, creamy filling and crunchy coconut chips is always a hit.

Overnight Coconut Milk Chia Seed Pudding

If you're tired of the same old breakfast, this Coconut Chia Pudding is the perfect sweet and healthy alternative. It's easy to make, contains natural ingredients, and can be customized with your favorite fruits and nuts. This gluten-free and dairy-free pudding will keep you feeling full and satisfied.

How to make Coconut Agar-Agar Jelly Treat

This sumptuous coconut jelly will make a perfect finish to any meal or a refreshing snack on a hot day. With a creamy, smooth texture and a slight hint of sweetness, this Southeast Asian delight is not only easy to prepare but is also incredibly satisfying. It is dairy-free, gluten-free, and can also be made vegan-friendly.

Healthy Chocolate Coconut WeetBix Slice

Looking for a tasty yet healthy snack for tea time? Then this Healthy Chocolate WeetBix Slice is just the thing. Despite being low in fat and sugar, this fantastic snack is still brimming with gorgeous chocolate flavor, thanks to the natural sweetness of dates and touch of cocoa. It's crispy, chocolaty, and absolutely delicious!

Perfect Quick & Easy Coconut Macaroons

Dive into the world of tropical delight with these Coconut Macaroons. These sweet and chewy indulgences are very easy to prepare, and they carry a rich satisfying taste of coconut, making them the perfect dessert for coconut lovers. Enjoy these Coconut Macaroons with hot coffee or tea, or just savour them on their own for a delightful snack.
Recipe preview Easy homemade Coconut Easter Cake

Easy homemade Coconut Easter Cake

This easy recipe teaches how to make the best homemade Coconut Easter Cake. Don't miss it!