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See the most tasty recipes from the category lactose-free diet. One of these 306 recipes may become your new favorite. The preparation time is 5 - 600 minutes, depending on the complexity of the recipe. See our favorite recipes here - Fluffy and delicious banana muffins, Easy slow-cooked teriyaki beef brisket recipe, The best vegetable ratatouile in the world, Basic Chinese Curry Sauce - made for lovers of good food. Enjoy your meal!

Courgette cake with a fruit layer

Courgette in a cake is a fairly common thing. I came up with this one, complemented with a raspberry-currant layer and chocolate. And it's gluten-free.

No-Bake Carrot Cake

A carrot cake that needs no baking. Healthy, simple, and tasty.

Chickpea Pancakes

Looking for something new as inspiration for lunch? You can use these pancakes as a main meal or dinner, as a side dish or on their own, complemented according to taste, whether with vegetables, cheese, meat... It's up to you.

Bean Pancakes

A simple and quick meal idea.

Zucchini pancakes

Quick and healthy lunch. You can complement zucchini pancakes with cheese, meat or vegetables.

Chocolate Baked Oatmeal

A slightly unusual version of oatmeal that is baked, you must try it and I'm giving you a quick and healthy recipe.

Pear and Plum Crumble

Do you have a lot of fruit? Prepare crumble for breakfast. Tasty and healthy. You only need a few ingredients and you're ready in no time.

Beetroot Pancakes

A simple recipe for healthier pancakes.

Simple and fast cookies

Fast, healthy cookies from three main ingredients. You can supplement and vary them according to yourself

Pear and Cocoa Spread

Want to prepare something different from fruit than jam? Try this healthier alternative to chocolate spread.

Baked Pear

I prepared a baked pear, but an apple is also great. I’m also adding a quick recipe but you can guesstimate the ingredients according to the size of the fruit 🥰

Homemade Granola

Why buy overpriced granolas and muesli in stores when you can easily prepare it at home, healthier, and without a lot of sugar. You can add to it according to your own taste.

Apple and Poppy Seed Cake with Millet

Have you tried millet in a dessert yet? Nutritious and healthy breakfast for the whole family.

No-bake Coconut Squares with Blueberry Layer

This was a blast. No-bake, with a generous dose of coconut, complemented by a fresh fruit layer and chocolate icing.

Apple Bundt Cake

Quick, moist, tasty, made from just a few ingredients and ideal for the whole family. A simple recipe that even children can help prepare.