VIDEORECIPE Crunchy Cornflake Cookies

These cornflake cookies are so delicious that you cannot just stop at 1! This is the easiest recipe for tasty yet crunchy cornflake cookies you will find out there.

Quick and Easy Camping Snacks for On-the-Go Adventures

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Quick and Easy Camping Snacks for On-the-Go Adventures


number of servings
  • 120 g Salted butter Added to
  • 45 g semolina sugar Added to
  • 1 tbsp. Vanilla extract Added to
  • 120 g Cake flour Added to
  • 15 g corn flour Added to
  • 60 g corn ​chips Added to


25 min.
1. Step

First and foremost, look for a medium-sized mixing bowl. Now add 120g salter butter and 45g caster sugar, and 1 tbsp. Vanilla extract in it. Blend all the above ingredients using a spatula until well combined.

2. Step

Now add 120g cake flour in the bowl with the help of a sieve and mix it well.

3. Step

Add 15g corn starch and blend it well using a spatula.

4. Step

Now add 60g cornflakes in the same bowl and mix it until well combined.

5. Step

Using a spoon or whatever you like to use, place the prepared mixture on a baking tray carefully and bake at 170 degrees Celsius (340 Fahrenheit) for about 20 minutes.

6. Step

Take it out. Decorate your serving plate, and your delicious cornflake cookies are ready to be served. You can also serve them to your toddlers with a glass of milk and they will surely love it. Enjoy your yummy yet healthy breakfast!

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