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See the most tasty recipes from the category Mushroom sauce. Check out one of our great 31 recipes. These recipes will take about 10 - 300 minutes to prepare. In addition to the ingredients and procedure, each recipe includes an approximate preparation time and number of portions. See our favorite recipes here - The Best Easy Vegetarian Lasagna, Easy Creamy Mushroom Pasta Recipe, The best mushrooms steak sauce recipe, Creamy Vegetarian Carbonara - made for lovers of good food. Enjoy your meal!

Farmer's schnitzel grandma style

I got this recipe from my beloved grandma, who, as an accomplished cook, always prepared magical dishes in her small kitchen. The strong flavors and crispy breading of the BauernSchnitzel make this dish my absolute favorite. And the best thing about it is that it is so easy to prepare that it will also be a complete success in your kitchen.

Mushrooms cream sauce recipe

I know this recipe from my childhood, when my grandmother used to make a creamy mushroom sauce that we all loved. Since then, I've used her recipe as my secret weapon for a quick, easy and delicious dish that always goes down well. Whether served over pasta, meat or vegetables, this creamy mushroom sauce is always a hit.

Chicken ragout with cream sauce and mushrooms

As someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, I've made this chicken stew recipe several times and it's always a big hit. It's full of flavor, easy to prepare and it has the "feel good" factor of comfort food. Chicken breast is sautéed with vegetables and mushrooms and finished with stock and cream, which goes well with rice or fresh bread as a side dish.

Sauce of dried mushrooms with cream

This sauce of dried mushrooms with cream has a deep yet delicate flavour. The cream gives the sauce a creamy consistency and helps balance the strong mushroom flavor. It is one of my favorite sauces.

Creamy turkey stew with mushrooms

Creamy turkey stew with mushrooms is a dish that I always like to prepare, especially when I invite my friends over for a cozy dinner. The tender turkey breast goes perfectly with the creamy sauce and mushrooms and offers an incredible taste experience. Fresh bread, rice or pasta go well with the creamy turkey slices.

Fresh mushroom sauce garnish

Mushroom sauce is a real standout and a classic in my family. It's a recipe I've refined over the years and one that always goes down well. The creamy texture, savory flavor of the mushrooms, and perfect seasoning make this sauce a perfect addition to many dishes. Whether it's with pasta, meat or vegetables, mushroom sauce always goes well.

Mushroom sauce for pasta

What I always enjoy about making this sauce is its simplicity and delicious taste - mushroom sauce for pasta.


Mushroom soup is one of my favorite foods, especially in the fall when the mushrooms are fresh. I have a lot of experience with this recipe as it has become a favorite with my family. I have tried it on different types of mushrooms and it always ends up great.

Mushrooms in cream

Mushrooms on cream is a classic Czech dish that is ideal for warming up in the colder times of the year. It is simple to prepare and tastes great.

Traditional Chinese Chow Mein with Chicken, Sauce & Veggies

Chow Mein is a popular Chinese stir-fried noodle dish loaded with vegetables, tender meat, and delicious sauces. This versatile and flavorful dish can be customized with your favorite protein and vegetables, making it a perfect option for a quick and satisfying meal.

Classic Diane Mushroom Sauce for Steaks

Diane sauce is a rich and flavorful sauce that is typically paired with steak. It elevates any dish to a whole new level and is sure to impress your guests.

Rich & Creamy Mushroom Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff, features tender strips of beef in a savory creamy mushroom sauce. Served over rice, it's a comforting and satisfying meal!

Healthy Creamy Lasagna with White Sauce, Cheese, and Vegetables

This delicious lasagna with white sauce will surely impress your family and friends. Pasta, creamy white sauce, and a flavorful filling of vegetables and cheese, all baked to perfection. It's a classic Italian dish that everyone loves.

Sauteed Italian Porcini Mushrooms

Indulge in the earthy flavor and meaty texture of porcini mushrooms with this delicious recipe. Sautéed to perfection with aromatic herbs, garlic, and white wine, these mushrooms make for a delightful side dish or complement to any main course.

How to make Cheesy Creamy Pasta

This recipe for creamy pasta is a quick and easy dish that's perfect for any day of the week. The creamy sauce is made with just a few simple ingredients, and complements the pasta perfectly. You can add some chicken, shrimp or vegetables to make it more filling and nutritious.

Mushroom Chicken Stroganoff in Skillet

Chicken Stroganoff is a creamy and comforting dish that is perfect for an easy weeknight dinner. The juicy chicken breasts are smothered in a decadent mushroom and sour cream sauce that is rich in flavor. This easy-to-make recipe is sure to become a favorite in no time.