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Are you looking for a recipe suggestion from the category Caramel condensed milk? You have come to the right place! How about trying one of these 79 recipes today? Preparation time 5 - 600 minutes. You can find the exact preparation time below each recipe. In addition, see how many portions you will get by using the given amount of ingredients. Recipes such as Classic white Christmas slice recipe, Original Mars Bars slices recipe, How to make a No-bake Cheesecake?, How to make a No-bake Cheesecake? are among our most popular. Check them out - you might find them appealing too!

Mirror Glaze for Cakes

A luxurious glaze that gives your cake an irresistible look. Perfect for special occasions or anytime you want to impress.

Christmas Chocolate Caramel Slice

Christmas is all about being warm, cozy, and luxurious and this Christmas Caramel Slice encapsulates that perfectly.

Homemade Tim Tam Christmas Balls

These indulgent festive treats, inspired by the popular Australian chocolate biscuit Tim Tam, are a delightful Christmas party dessert.

Bounty chocolate homemade

Making Bounty chocolate at home has been a long time in the making for me. Recently, I was holding a real bounty chocolate in my hand and I was thinking about how much I love the delicious, tropical flavour it gives. I decided it was time to make it at home, as I am convinced that there is more to homemade sweets than meets the eye.

Tasty Mango Quesillo

Quesillo is a very popular dessert in Latin America, with a delicious soft and fluffy texture that cannot be missed in any celebration. But there is nothing like giving it a tropical touch by incorporating mango, a fruit that perfectly balances the flavors and aromas of this dessert. At home, we love to prepare this recipe every time we want to treat ourselves to something sweet and fresh. It is simply a treat for the palate that you can't miss.

Delicious Mango Flan

Mango flan is a delicious blend of tropical and traditional flavors. Its smooth and creamy texture complemented by the vibrant flavor of mango is the perfect dessert for a warm summer afternoon. The recipe is simple, but it's worth it to patiently dedicate yourself to each step, the end result is worth it!

Traditional Filipino Mango Float Dessert

This Filipino dessert is light, refreshing, and supremely delicious.

Mango pie

This thin mango pie is one of the delicacies I most enjoy preparing during the mango season. Its freshness and vibrant flavor are irresistible, and the creamy texture of the filling contrasts perfectly with its crunchy base. It is a dessert that always surprises and delights, perfect for sharing at a family gathering or with friends. In my years of experience preparing it, I have perfected a few tricks to make it perfect every time.

Salted Caramel Fudge From Scratch

This caramel fudge is creamy, rich and the hint of salt perfectly balances the sweet caramel flavor.

Gluten-free poppy seed cake

Recipe for a delicious gluten-free poppy seed cake with mascarpone.

Homemade No Bake Milo Balls

Friendly to both adults and kids alike, these Milo Balls are a wonderful treat that’s packed with the rich, malty goodness of Milo.

How to make Simple Jersey Caramels

These homemade Jersey Caramels are soft and gooey inside while slightly harder on the outside which adds an interesting texture to keep your taste buds engaged.

No Bake Healthy Chocolate Coconut Balls

The recipe is not just simple but can be prepared in no time, making it my go-to for unexpected guests and sudden sweet cravings.

Easy Old-Fashioned Caramel Tart

This tart's buttery crust paired with a sweet and sticky caramel filling is absolutely divine.

Homemade Caramel from Sweetened Condensed Milk

Without requiring a lot of effort, time or super chef skills, this is a very simple recipe and comes out smooth, rich and delicious every single time.

Easy No Bake Milo Truffles

These chocolatey, velvety-good truffles are perfect as petit fours served after dinner or just a delightful pick-me-up anytime of the day.